Frequently Asked Questions

Does A1Tasks software install on my computer?

A1Tasks is a software script that installs on your website in the same way that WordPress does (the installation process is very similar). You can access it with any browser from anywhere in the world.

How many websites can I install the A1Tasks software on?

You get a single domain license with your purchase

How many users (team members) can I add?

There is no limit to the number of users (contacts) you can add.

Can other users assign tasks to me like filing a payment request?

Yes, any team member can assign a task to any other team member.

I need someone to install A1Tasks for me, what shall I do?

You can contact us through the contact form at We can install the software for you on your server at a nominal fee of $10. The instructions that come with the software are clear and easy to follow so this service is purely optional.

Can we use A1tasks for managing the outsourcing workers?

A1Tasks is ideal for managing jobs assigned to your outsourced team. They can see the tasks assigned to them, ask questions and report progress through a very simple interface - one can get productive in 2 minutes.

Is your software for beginner or advanced users?

Anyone can use the A1Tasks software to increase the productivity. The beginner users will be very impressed with the ease of use and simplicity. The advanced users will like the powerful features of collaboration.

Do I get free updates and upgrades for life?

You get free updates and upgrades for 1 year. We might extend this period in future but we are committing a 1 year period as of now.

Where can I get more help and support?

You can contact us through the contact form at