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Wedding Planning softwareWe are happy to share the news of next software product, an online wedding planning software. This is offered in Software as a Service model. You can simply sign up and start using the software – no hassles of downloading, installing and updating.

This software allows you to manage all the logistics aspect of a wedding or an event including the 1000s of tasks, guest lists, invitations, SMS, emails, gifts and menu. It also allows you to track the arrivals and departures of outstation guests as well as their hotel and car arrangements.

These information are generally maintained with Excel sheets which get very clumsy soon and it becomes a nightmare to update and keep all sections in sync. You also need to have the updates done by a single person to avoid complete mess up. The online team based software eliminates all these issues.

Experience the convenience! Check out a FREE demo of the wedding and event planning software.

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Do you have a wedding coming up in your family? You might be feeling overwhelmed with the 1000s of things to do like finalizing venues, managing guest lists, buying all the stuff, ordering flower decorations, settling the menus and what not. A1Tasks can help you get on top and take control of the chaos.

Managing a wedding is a stressful activity. We get so busy keeping tabs on the things to do and interacting with all the family members and volunteers (office staff, friends) that we hardly get to enjoy the festivities. Nowadays the wedding planners have set shop and they take a lot of burden off our shoulders but this comes at a steep price.

I can suggest a simple solution to bulk of your problems:

1. Take an online task management software like A1Tasks and feed all your things to do lists in this.

2. Add your family members who can share some responsibilities, friends who will stand by you and help you tackle some assignments and also office staff if you have some – as users to the system.

3. Assign these tasks to the appropriate people. Add supporting information (Excel sheets, photographs, shopping lists etc) to the tasks as required.

4. Let them complete the alloted tasks and update their assignments with notes.

5. You can now focus on the big picture and providing the required information and guidance to everyone.

Trust me you will feel heavily liberated when you will have all the things under control and steady progress will be made on all fronts. You can spend much more time planning things with the family and be with them rather than sit in some remote corner stressing over all the things that fell through the cracks and have now become overdue.

For a limited time, A1Tasks software is available at an introductory discount and there is a full featured online demo available. You can try it out before committing or go ahead and buy it right away, secure in the knowledge that there is a full 60 days no-questions-asked warranty to make this 100% risk-free for you.

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