I have used and tried several task management software in the course of my working. While some are really feature rich, I have found that most of them suffer from a feature bloat. While big teams and geeky users make use of and enjoy these fancy features, the average user just wants to get his work done.

Noting down the tasks for self and the team members, clarifying things if there is a doubt, posting progress and finally marking them done is all they want. They do not want to dabble in workflows, fancy graphs and Gantt charts.

Because I am a believer of simple and elegant myself, I sat down with my team to specify and build a simple Task Management Software that will double up as a task delegation software also. There are no projects (though you can label the tasks with the project name), there are no graphs, no fancy features that will make you squirm and struggle with learning curves. We think you will learn to use the A1Tasks system in2 minutes. This also helps us to keep the cost down – really down. Check the price on the site – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Cheers to the simple and elegant brigade. Let the geeks enjoy their fancy toolbox while we get things done.

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