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increase your team efficiency with a1tasksAre you worried about the low efficiency of people in your company? Want to improve this but not sure where to start?

At first, ask these questions to yourself as you read them.

1. How do you audit for the people’s efficiency in your company?

2. You have an accounting software for your finances. What about an accounting software for your people and tasks?

3. Do you know what your team really does, once they are done with the team meetings? Who is working and who is shirking?

4. How do you decide – which team member is relatively free and which team member is overloaded with work? Through your list of emails or by observing ‘who had so much work he / she couldn’t finish work in time’?

5. Do you re-distribute work for increasing efficiency? If so, how? (If no – OMG! Why!!)

6. Can you compare the efficiency of your team members at a glance? Or you prefer to wait for official monthly reports?

7. Do you have a software that can manage your time as well? And ensure that your team completes everything within deadlines?

8. Are you not tired of managing your teams and to-dos through Excels, emails and paper diaries?

9. You use so many tools for measuring productivity. What about a tool for enhancing efficiency?

10. Have you been expecting a drastic transformation in your team’s efficiency even though you haven’t changed your old, boring way of operating?

A1tasks can help you resolve the team efficiency issues by bringing much more order into the chaos. Check out how!

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Why does not A1Tasks does not have a provision for projects?

Quite a few new users ask us “Why don’t you have a facility to specify a project in A1Tasks?”. Here is my take on this:

In our experience we have seen that there are several tasks one has to do (or assign to a team member) which are generic in nature and do not relate to a specific project like buying stationary. Similarly several activities relate to multiple projects like creating a documentation template that will be used in 2 projects.

To make A1Tasks much more flexible, we introduced the concept of tags in place of projects. A1Tasks allows you to specify multiple tags for every task. So you can avoid giving any tag if there is no need and also you can give any number of tags if the task relates to multiple projects.

I can understand that this is not a common thing and you will feel a bit odd initially when assigning a new task to someone. However once you start using the tags, I assure you that you will fall in love with the flexibility this brings.

At any time, if you want to see all tasks associated with a project, you can just click on the corresponding tag name and your view will change to only show the tasks with that tag.

Check it out in the demo here and enjoy the liberty!

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