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Do you want to take control of your life? I strongly believe that it becomes so much easier when you have good control over your tasks’ list – the things to do.

One of the biggest stress causing issue is when you are struggling to remember all the things you have to do and to see some, yes only a few, important thing falling through the cracks even you are doing great otherwise.

Keep a list – use paper, Excel or a good software, whatever makes you comfortable – but this is the easiest way to be on top of the jobs you have to finish. Of course, a good software like A1Tasks makes it so much easier to maintain your own task list as well as maintain a list of delegated tasks. Check out the FREE demo here.

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When you outsource your tasks to run your business more efficiently, you have to keep on top of things. Your team has to communicate with you about the tasks and complete them in the due time. Here are some ideas how A1tasks can help you achieve this easily:

1. Your team members may be in geographically diverse areas. Also they may use the dates in a different format like dd-mm-yy, mm-dd-yy or even yy-mm-dd. A1Tasks lets the members see the dates in their preferred format.

2. When you assign a new task, the recipient gets an alert email.

3. When you see that the task cannot be completed within the due date (this is not good but happens all the time), you can extend the due date. However this gets recorded as a system note so that you can track when due dates were extended.

4. You can add any number of files relevant to the task. This includes project specs, usage guide for any tool, Excel sheets to fill up as a progress chart or even time-sheets. Even the assignee can upload files.

5. If the assignee does not understand any part of the task, he can ask clarifying questions and you can answer them in context. This discussion trail is very handy for clear communication.

6. A completed task can be reopened after scrutiny if you feel that the task was not completed fully.

The best feature of this software is, I think, the extreme simplicity of the software. While a lot is going behind the curtains, the users add tasks and post updates through a very user-friendly console.

Check out an interactive demo, make sure it suits your needs and order your own copy here.

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While all marketers (including us) will tell you why you should buy their software, I am happy to tell you why you should not buy A1tasks. Here are 7 reasons:

1. You are happy with your notepad, paper lists, Excel or whatever you use to maintain your task list. A1tasks might bring more order into the chaos but why bother

2. You are happy with your current Software as a Service (SaaS) product where you pay some money every month. A1Tasks may be available for a small, one-time amount (shockingly low for some) but who cares!

3. You don’t have a web hosting account and you don’t want to be bothered. You are right – having a web hosting acount may allow you to host a web site to market your product or services but again, too much hassle. I know you are fine with the current status.

4. You do not want to mess with software. May be A1tasks is quite simple to install and even comes with an option for an install service (at a small extra fee) but why add one more thing to take care of.

5. You are quite busy and have no time to work on organizing things. Did some one tell you that you need an organization tool all the more if you are so busy? Don’t worry – you should not listen to such advice and get distracted from spinning the wheels.

6. Buying software online is risky and you may be cheated. You know that A1tasks is available through Clickbank, a reputed 3rd party payment processor and carries a 60-days no-questions-asked guarantee but why take a risk anyway!

7. You love free software and do not want to pay for A1Tasks as well. I know A1tasks is not free (though quite low priced) and not even available on a Torrent site yet. You would rather wait for a good free software than increase your productivity and may be save much more by avoiding wasted hours and lost jobs.

Well, I know this does not relate to you. You can identify a good tool the moment you see it and are happy to try out and buy online software that brings increased productivity or helps you do your work more efficiently.

Let me invite you to try out the A1Tasks – task management and delegation software, free of cost and at no obligation at www.A1tasks.com/demo. And when you buy it, you can do so with confidence because we carry a full 60 days 100% money back guarantee.

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I know lots of people make long task lists and just keep looking at that again and again trying to decide which ones to do first, without getting much done. I have implemented a new approach, starting from today. Read on…

I added all my things-to-do in my task list in A1Tasks and then marked 10 tasks with the tag Today. Now I have set a filter on the tag Today. I have taken a firm decision to not touch any other task till I have completed and checked-off all the tasks marked ‘Today‘. In case you are wondering, yes, writing this blog post is one of those ‘Today’ tasks 🙂

The rule is – if some super-urgent task will crop up that I have to tackle today, I will mark it for today but then remove one of the other items from the list. This is to ensure that I do not get overwhelmed by my huge list and enjoy the pleasure of doing things rather than the frustration of seeing lots of undone things.

What do you say? Do you think this will work? No? Tell me why and I will happily change my technique.

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The price of A1Tasks task management software has gone up to $17 as mentioned earlier on the website as well as Twitter and Facebook. While it still provides excellent value for money (world’s easiest software, full source code included, very versatile with multi-tags), you will be well advised to get it now as the next price rise will take it to $27. How much money can you save with productivity improvements of the order of 2-10 times?

If you are yet to experience the convenience this software brings to you, please check out the screenshots or better still, take the real software for an interactive spin here.

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Attention Affiliate marketers – a cool new opportunity has opened up for you. Read on…

A1Tasks is world’s easiest task management software and is sold through Clickbank for a low $17 one-time payment. It carries 50% commission. With a little bit of pre-selling through a blog post or review, you can sell this in large numbers if you have a responsive list (however small) or a good afiiliate marketing web site.

The software allows individuals and small team owners to manage their tasks in a very easy, yet powerful manner thereby increasing their productivity by 2-10 times. It offers several cool features like:

  1. Extensive search options with filtering of tasks with no screen reloads.
  2. Sort options for ascending or descending lists
  3. Unique tagging mechanism that allows the tasks to be tagged with multiple labels for easy categorization and tracking.

It is easy to promote A1Tasks. You can link to https://yournick.ebizindia.hop.clickbank.net (after replacing yournick with your Clockbank nick name) from your blog posts or other promotion material.

We will be adding several banners and promotional copy here, so stay tuned. If you have any questions about this affiliate program, please contact us.


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bookmark your favorite links online

You know A1tasks was born out of our intense desire to help small business owners increase their productivity and get more things done easily and quickly. Today we want to alert you to another of our productivity tool, the EasyBM online bookmarking tool.

EasyBM is a FREE (as of posting this) online service that lets you bookmark your favorite links and then access these links through a password protected page. You can see all your bookmarks in a grouped format on a single page and you just need to click any link to open the webpage in the same or another window. This avoids the need to remember the URLs for places you want to visit, specially the long and complicated ones.

Recently EasyBM also allowed you to make your bookmarks page public, thereby allowing to share important links with colleagues, friends or the public. Naturally the private bookmarking is the USP of the service and public bookmarking is just an extra feature for those who need this.

I strongly recommend checking EasyBM out and sign-up for it. More than 100,000 people have already registered and we look forward to serving you as well.

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Sometimes it becomes very difficult for a team to manage multiple projects and tasks together. Lack of co-ordination and efficient time management results in delay and extension of deadlines. This can lead to discontent and loss of goodwill among the clients. Don’t worry, there is a solution to these problems.

The most difficult part of a project is just how to keep everything organized. Now let us see, how an online task management system can benefit us:

  • It doesn’t matter where any team member is located as the software is accessed online.
  • Since all the tasks are recorded in a one place, the managers and admins find it very easy to co-ordinate the task assignments from a single console.
  • Easy to use software cut down on the software learning time and helps new recruits focus on the task as compared to learning to use the system.
  • A generic approach lets you manage projects in all types of industries – construction, engineering, accounting, technology, development, training and more.

Whether you own a small business or manage a department in a large multi-national organization, efficient task management software simplifies the process to get your projects completed and deployed within the given deadline.

This applies equally well to those in the IT industry or a more traditional brick and mortar business. Managers and business owners love project management people who can deliver all or most of their projects on time and you can be that person when you use A1tasks.

Check out the online demo for a firsthand feel of the ease and power.


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Lots of people think project management software is a waste of money and they can easily manage their projects with Excel or simple paperwork. However the ground reality is different. Let’s understand how we can save lots of money and efforts by using a good project management software…

Efficiency in executing different projects is the key to a company’s profits. One has to utilize and manage time in a very judicious manner. Hiring new people and getting them up to speed in the company’s work is an expensive affair.

When we have all the details of a project recorded in a good software, the new employee gets to understand the current status of the project quite easily. The specification files are readily available and the discussions on clarification of the key concepts are right there. The deadline, the work done so far and other such things give a clear picture of the progress and therefore the new assignee can start working on the pending activities much quicker. This saves lots of time for the worker as well as the manager.

The software itself educates the employee on how the company is dealing with the project, how it plans to go about it and the various kind of tasks that go in for completion of the project. It guides employees who are not expert planners on how to prioritize their work and what pattern they should follow. The completed projects can also act as a good reference for the future maintenance work or upgrade activity because the discussion logs and the files can be checked at one place.

Mistakes related to the project can cause the company loss of clients, profit and reputation. Mistakes already made have to be corrected by employees thus causing a loss of time which could have been utilized to develop other projects. The project management software helps prevent such mistakes and saves the company from suffering loss of goodwill and money. Similarly the completed projects can be discussed and inferences drawn for future process improvement, in post completion meetings.

On the whole the project management software draw out a lot more from employees and easily creates a very high Return on Investment (ROI) for the company.

Check out A1tasks, our powerful yet easy to adapt and implement, task management software.

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There are several project management software available in the market, differing widely in features and cost.  The proper software will help you in getting more productive and let you complete more work easily and quickly. A wrong choice will become a constant irritant and an impediment rather than a convenience.

The following checklist will help you choose the one best suited for your needs.

Read more on Things to look for when buying project management software…

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