Why Project Management Software Will NOT Solve All Your Problems

When communication between individuals of a team slows down, performance automatically deteriorates. It is very important to find a solution to continue the work. Since project management software does not possess intelligence of its own, it cannot be expected to solve all problems. Software is simply a set of commands and can be remodeled for a prior agreed solution process.

In order to reach a solution, following steps can be taken:


The person in charge of the project should thoroughly investigate the root cause of the problem and identify it. Assess the nature of the problem whether it is –

a)      Human relations issue (for example –  inter-personal compatibility problem)

b)      Planning deficiencies  (for example – unrealistic deadlines)

c)      Organizing deficiencies (for example – unclear team structure)

d)      Execution problems (for example – flawed working methods)

Finding a solution

Arriving at a solution requires a few logical steps:

  • Once the problem is identified, the whole team should meet and discuss the issues on hand. Brainstorming sessions are always a good method to find alternative answers to a problem.
  • It is important to consider everyone’s viewpoint and arrive at a consensus to decide on a solution.
  • Selection of an approach and implementation of the proposed solution through a plan of action should also be scrutinized minutely.

*  Execution

Before executing the solution it is imperative to plan the customization and modifications required for the project management software. This helps in a flawless implementation.  This might require updating and adapting the software to suit the growing and changing needs of the project plan.

*  Summary

There can be multiple problems plaguing the project and hindering its success. From inter-personal problems to unrealistic deadlines. These problems can be addressed by going through the aforementioned steps. First, the root cause of the problems has to be identified and solutions arrived at theoretically. Subsequently, the project management software comes into picture to ensure that the solutions are progressively implemented and productivity of the whole team is increased.

One must remember that a team is the center pillar of a project. It consists of human beings and therefore different kinds of problems may arise.

The project management software though can help with well organized information related to the projects. If all of the information is available at one place along with the concerned files, it does help the team to discuss the issues related to the different tasks and resolve them smoothly. This is precisely how A1tasks streamlines your work and makes the team generates better results for you.


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