Task Management Software – when and why!

increase productivity with task management softwareIs the efficient management of projects bothering you? Are you spending more time locating the notes and files related to the different projects than on completing the project itself? A good task management software can make your life simpler and free you to concentrate more on execution than on managing your project. But how?

Why use a task management software

  • Efficient management is the key factor to attain success in business. When you get all the relevant information about your projects at one place, you can start deriving major productivity gains:
  • Effective time management means more output in the same time.
  • Customer satisfaction goes up.
  • Management of multiple projects becomes much easier.
  • Ready reckoner for the projects running and scheduled for future.

Let’s see how can A1Tasks bring massive productivity gains in your work.

Eliminates chances of missing deadlines

Easy sorting features allow you to see the tasks in different arrangements and see the projects due in the next few days so that you can avoid getting any of these overdue.

Eliminate leakage of confidential data

Only the assignor and the assignee see the task details, so the other team members do not get access to the private information that may be shared by the client for completion of the work.


Monitoring the time taken to complete the projects under progress 

Keeping an eye on the time taken for executing various projects is very important. Without proper records, you have to depend on guess work. But A1Tasks keeps all the required information at one place and helps you to find out total elapsed time as well as time spent on the task with the help of discussion trail.

Easy and instant installation

A1Tasks software can be downloaded from the Internet irrespective of the time of the day and is very easy to install. If you can install WordPress, you can install A1Tasks. There is a quick installation guide that takes you by hand through the few simple steps.

2 minutes to learn guarantee

You enjoy our unique ‘2 minutes to learn’ guarantee. If your employee cannot learn to use it in 2 minutes, we ask you to take a full refund within 60 days of your purchase. We can this confident of the ease of the use. This directly translates to fantastic training time savings.

Now you can struggle with bloated software that are too complicated or be a hero with A1Tasks and get more productive – quickly and easily.

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