How to Move Personal Task Management to Business Level

So you have managed to deal with the everyday tasks plaguing everybody. You have even made scientific approaches to handle your life. From retrieving the milk and the newspaper to washing dishes to cooking to buying vegetables on the way back from office, everything is chalked out in clockwork precision.

But life changes.

You get a promotion in office and the workload increases. Along with that responsibility increases. Instead of just managing your own task, the managing of other people and keeping a track of the progress of the project is added on. That is the time when the ability to manage your own tasks has to be expanded to incorporate the management of a group of people, the workings of a business etc.

Adjusting to the change

Everybody struggles to adapt to the new environment that is thrust upon them. Stick-ons marked “Pick up the laundry” or writing a to-do list on a pad doesn’t seem to be enough. Management of a project or a business involves handling people, large number of invoices, letters to be written and like.

Just as you had to find the right balance to manage tasks at a personal level, you have to find a way that works for you when managing a project or a business. In other words, personal task management is extended and needs to be modified for a business model.

There are a few things that you need to remember:

Technology for Support

Though some people still rely on writing their to-do lists on paper, most people have moved on to at least using a text file if not a basic application for task management. Technology is extremely helpful not only in organizing tasks but also helping to complete them with effective collaboration of team members.

The problem is that we stick to one method for task management. While there is no point in changing something that is working, sometimes we don’t realize it is not working at high efficiency and are still sticking to it. We should be able to adjust to the demands of each project and be flexible enough to change.

Managing other people

While handling a business or a project, we need to work with other team members also and a good task management tool helps us with delegation and collaboration. This can be handled through a LAN based software when everyone is in the same office. Internet based solutions work great when the team is working from different geographical locations.

Checking workability

Before settling down on one particular software, you should thoroughly check it out. It is not enough to know that it has worked for someone else as their working method might not match yours.  The application you choose should be suitable for your needs and demands and should be easy to use.

A demo or trial usage for some time whereby you can actually record your own tasks and check out the convenience, ease of use and power/flexibility will give you fantastic insight into the software and will help you arrive at a decision quickly.

On the whole, making the shift from personal task management to a business level is not a difficult proposition if you follow some simple guidelines and adopt the proper software. A1Tasks is a simple task management software that can be learned very fast and allows you to manage your task delegation in a powerful collaborative way. Check it out.

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