Which Task Management Software Do You Use?

While doing some research about how people are using their task management software, I came across a startling revelation. Several people I told about our new task management software, told me – “Yes, but there are several software in the market already. So why do you want to build another one?”.  When I asked them which one they used, they went silent.

The reasons they were not currently using a system were many, including:

1. They are quite complex and I do not have the time to learn them

2. I do not want to use a system on someone else’s server due to privacy reasons.

3. A desktop software does not work for me because I want to share my tasks with my team members.

…and so on.

Well these are some of the problems we are tackling through the A1tasks software. For starters, we have made this the world’s simplest task management software. You can learn to use it in 2 minutes flat. So no learning curve for you or a team member.

We also give you the software to install on your own server. No one else sees what tasks you are planning to do yourself or assigning to a team member.

Similarly, this being an Internet based software, you and your team can use it from anywhere, be it the office or home or a vacation point.

And we have priced it such that you get a pleasant surprise. You get it for $9.97 one time, with full source code. Click here to checkout all the details and buy your own copy.

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