Productivity Tool – Online Bookmarking Service

bookmark your favorite links onlineYou know A1tasks was born out of our intense desire to help small business owners increase their productivity and get more things done easily and quickly. Today we want to alert you to another of our productivity tool, the EasyBM online bookmarking tool.

EasyBM is a FREE (as of posting this) online service that lets you bookmark your favorite links and then access these links through a password protected page. You can see all your bookmarks in a grouped format on a single page and you just need to click any link to open the webpage in the same or another window. This avoids the need to remember the URLs for places you want to visit, specially the long and complicated ones.

Recently EasyBM also allowed you to make your bookmarks page public, thereby allowing to share important links with colleagues, friends or the public. Naturally the private bookmarking is the USP of the service and public bookmarking is just an extra feature for those who need this.

I strongly recommend to check EasyBM out and sign-up for it. More than 100,000 people have already registered and we look forward to serving you as well.


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