Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Attention Affiliate marketers – a cool new opportunity has opened up for you. Read on…

A1Tasks is world’s easiest task management software and is sold through Clickbank for a low $17 one-time payment. It carriesĀ 50% commission. With a little bit of pre-selling through a blog post or review, you can sell this in large numbers if you have a responsive list (however small) or a good afiiliate marketing web site.

The software allows individuals and small team owners to manage their tasks in a very easy, yet powerful manner thereby increasing their productivity by 2-10 times. It offers several cool features like:

  1. Extensive search options with filtering of tasks with no screen reloads.
  2. Sort options for ascending or descending lists
  3. Unique tagging mechanism that allows the tasks to be tagged with multiple labels for easy categorization and tracking.

It is easy to promote A1Tasks. You can link to (after replacing yournick with your Clockbank nick name) from your blog posts or other promotion material.

We will be adding several banners and promotional copy here, so stay tuned. If you have any questions about this affiliate program, please contact us.


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