Only 10 tasks today


I know lots of people make long task lists and just keep looking at that again and again trying to decide which ones to do first, without getting much done. I have implemented a new approach, starting from today. Read on…

I added all my things-to-do in my task list in A1Tasks and then marked 10 tasks with the tag Today. Now I have set a filter on the tag Today. I have taken a firm decision to not touch any other task till I have completed and checked-off all the tasks marked ‘Today‘. In case you are wondering, yes, writing this blog post is one of those ‘Today’ tasks 🙂

The rule is – if some super-urgent task will crop up that I have to tackle today, I will mark it for today but then remove one of the other items from the list. This is to ensure that I do not get overwhelmed by my huge list and enjoy the pleasure of doing things rather than the frustration of seeing lots of undone things.

What do you say? Do you think this will work? No? Tell me why and I will happily change my technique.

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October 10, 2011

sumana @ 3:37 pm #

To achieve a bigger goal one must set smaller goals to be accomplished daily. Each of these stepping stones will further lead us towards the final destination. These are not my words, but my dad’s who taught me this fine trick when I was in school and sometimes would want to play and not study. He would tell me if I have smaller targets to achieve, the bigger goal would be much easily reached. Wish you luck. 🙂