7 Reasons to NOT buy A1Tasks

While all marketers (including us) will tell you why you should buy their software, I am happy to tell you why you should not buy A1tasks. Here are 7 reasons:

1. You are happy with your notepad, paper lists, Excel or whatever you use to maintain your task list. A1tasks might bring more order into the chaos but why bother

2. You are happy with your current Software as a Service (SaaS) product where you pay some money every month. A1Tasks may be available for a small, one-time amount (shockingly low for some) but who cares!

3. You don’t have a web hosting account and you don’t want to be bothered. You are right – having a web hosting acount may allow you to host a web site to market your product or services but again, too much hassle. I know you are fine with the current status.

4. You do not want to mess with software. May be A1tasks is quite simple to install and even comes with an option for an install service (at a small extra fee) but why add one more thing to take care of.

5. You are quite busy and have no time to work on organizing things. Did some one tell you that you need an organization tool all the more if you are so busy? Don’t worry – you should not listen to such advice and get distracted from spinning the wheels.

6. Buying software online is risky and you may be cheated. You know that A1tasks is available through Clickbank, a reputed 3rd party payment processor and carries a 60-days no-questions-asked guarantee but why take a risk anyway!

7. You love free software and do not want to pay for A1Tasks as well. I know A1tasks is not free (though quite low priced) and not even available on a Torrent site yet. You would rather wait for a good free software than increase your productivity and may be save much more by avoiding wasted hours and lost jobs.

Well, I know this does not relate to you. You can identify a good tool the moment you see it and are happy to try out and buy online software that brings increased productivity or helps you do your work more efficiently.

Let me invite you to try out the A1Tasks – task management and delegation software, free of cost and at no obligation at www.A1tasks.com/demo. And when you buy it, you can do so with confidence because we carry a full 60 days 100% money back guarantee.

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