How Outsourcing Companies can Benefit with A1Tasks

When you outsource your tasks to run your business more efficiently, you have to keep on top of things. Your team has to communicate with you about the tasks and complete them in the due time. Here are some ideas how A1tasks can help you achieve this easily:

1. Your team members may be in geographically diverse areas. Also they may use the dates in a different format like dd-mm-yy, mm-dd-yy or even yy-mm-dd. A1Tasks lets the members see the dates in their preferred format.

2. When you assign a new task, the recipient gets an alert email.

3. When you see that the task cannot be completed within the due date (this is not good but happens all the time), you can extend the due date. However this gets recorded as a system note so that you can track when due dates were extended.

4. You can add any number of files relevant to the task. This includes project specs, usage guide for any tool, Excel sheets to fill up as a progress chart or even time-sheets. Even the assignee can upload files.

5. If the assignee does not understand any part of the task, he can ask clarifying questions and you can answer them in context. This discussion trail is very handy for clear communication.

6. A completed task can be reopened after scrutiny if you feel that the task was not completed fully.

The best feature of this software is, I think, the extreme simplicity of the software. While a lot is going behind the curtains, the users add tasks and post updates through a very user-friendly console.

Check out an interactive demo, make sure it suits your needs and order your own copy here.

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