How Advocates Can Boost Team Productivity With Efficient Task Delegation

increase productivity with task management softwareWhether you are a solicitor, a counselor or the owner of a huge corporate law firm, you will still need to manage your team and tasks well. Your clients trust you with important judicial matters. Can you afford to fail in delivering what you promised?

Task delegation software can put an end to many of your daily troubles. Keep reading to know how:

1. Documentation of research work on case laws and acts

For every case you and your interns burn the midnight oil; reading case laws and acts and preparing your arguments on the basis of that. But how do you document them?

Papers and files are good. But difficult to manage and slow to search too. A more contemporary method would be – documenting all the study results under their respective tasks for future reference. The next time when you need it, just search and click!

2. Maintaining matters and orders list without a diary

Your interns are all probably tired of referring to their diaries everyday to keep track of upcoming matters and their requirements. With an efficient task management software, they can get reminders everyday about the same.

All they have to do is, come back from court with the list of upcoming matters and update it on the software.

3. Managing expenses for counsels and clients

Maintaining bills and payments becomes very easy with a task delegation software. You can now ensure that your petty departmental court expenses (photocopies, prints, stamps, couriers) don’t get billed on you.

You can keep updating these expenses under the client’s name in the software as and when they happen. Simple and fool proof!

4. Reviewing case drafts

Filing a case means a number of formalities. And you always want your cases to be filed with perfection. Right? This means daily review work.

With a software in place, your juniors can conveniently interact with senior for the review process. Once the draft is finalized and ready to be filed, they can print and send it off. You end up saving paper as well!

5. Communication with clients

Sending and receiving documents and other communication from clients via email, are you? But emails often get lost or buried in the massive number of emails you get daily. Use a task management software to maintain a list of all documents that you need from your client. Easiest way to keep them in place.

Law and legal matters need much diligence. Maybe shifting to a suitable software that helps you manage it well is a smart idea? Give it a thought…

And while you think, consider a free demo of A1tasks for you to check out!

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