How Startups Can Benefit From A1tasks

how startups can use a1tasksEver tried to roll a huge stone uphill?

Running a startup is quite similar, many entrepreneurs would agree. You never know when the stone might roll over you, slide to the bottom of the hill and simply return to the start point.

It is not a one man task. It is always a team task. And the team has to roll the stone together. Right support and right push by the right member can ensure that you reach your hilltop.

But how to keep everything in order? Here are a few simple ways:

1. Managing team tasks efficiently.

Startups are as good as the teams they have. With A1tasks, teams can collaborate and coordinate well. This brings the much needed boost to team productivity.

On any given day, you will have tons of things to worry about. Let not deadlines be one of them. A1tasks can keep reminding your team about their work!

2. Managing individual tasks.

“Too much to do, too little time.” – is the screensaver of every startup owner. There is possibly a deluge of tasks to do and a sea of Excel files & emails to remind you of them. Result – a forgetful mess.

Say goodbye to running your start up with Excels and emails. A1tasks is a much smarter way to manage your to-dos and task delegations.

3. Time management.

A startup guy often feels like running  ‘a race against time’. You probably need to cram 28 hours worth of work in 24. And do it well. But – how much of it is actual productivity and how much of it is just busyness?

With A1tasks, you can sort your tasks according to priorities and deadlines. Feeling more confident?

 4. Managing your freelancers.

Startups and freelancers are often inevitable to each other’s existence, with much of the non core-area work being outsourced. It becomes crucial that their work be tracked well and a regular interaction thread is maintained. A1tasks can take good care of this.

Effective task delegation leaves you with enough mental bandwidth to focus on the more important things you need to do yourself in order to make your venture a success.

What are you waiting for? Grab your free demo today and see how it adds to your efficiency!

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