The New Way of Managing Events


task delegation software for event managersAs an event manager, you know what it takes to pull off great events. Months of incessant planning. A truckload of Excel files, spreadsheets and diary notes. Not to mention, a deluge of emails and phone calls. And chats on the latest fad – WhatsApp!

But aren’t you frustrated with information getting all over the place? Isn’t managing events with Excels and emails an uphill task, only to be won with your grit?

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Don’t lose hope. Shift to a new and more efficient method today. Here’s how task delegation software like A1tasks can help you become an ‘event manager of exceptional finesse’:

1. Say goodbye to huge spreadsheets and Excel files

The biggest problem with Excels files is the amount of manual labour involved. And the wild chance that you will overwrite some of the changes. Every member of your team will need to maintain a separate file. And you know how complicated spreadsheets can get at times.

With task delegation software, you can maintain all your event information in one place. Every relevant information becomes accessible with a few clicks. Isn’t it a smarter solution?

2. No more delegating work through emails and phone calls

Because emails get lost and phone calls get forgotten. Imagine forgetting to book a room for that all important guest of yours because someone from your team forgot about the email you sent 2 months ago. Apocalypse!

With A1tasks, you can not only delegate tasks to your team members but also send them reminders. And the best part is – everyone can view all their to-dos in one single page. That would make it hard to forget things. And you can do away with the pain of searching for emails.

3. Manage multiple programs from one point

An event has many programs or sub-events and you need to prepare individually for each of these. Instead of losing track due to busyness, you can use A1tasks to manage multiple sub-events without much hassle.

4. Track last minute changes in real time

A small change in the plan often leads to a domino effect of alterations in your event schedule, budget and other important activities. Some of these happen at the 11th hour. And you can’t afford to miss out on them.

With A1tasks, tracking these changes becomes much easier. The moment your team member gets the information, he / she can update the task and everyone can adapt accordingly.

5. Monitor your team performance

When working in a team, some people work a lot and some shirk a lot. It often becomes difficult to identify your best performers and service providers.

A1tasks provides you with the option to track every team member’s performance individually on every task delegated to them. You can test their commitment level and efficiency by monitoring their task performances.

Seamlessly coordinate with your program committee, treasurer, sponsors and speakers with this software. Move from Excels and diaries to this smarter and time saving way of managing your events.

Check out a free demo of A1tasks to see how it works.

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Comments on The New Way of Managing Events

March 13, 2014

Andy Clegg @ 3:20 pm #

This Software is awesome. Have been using it for 3 years now and don’t know how I would have managed without it. So easy to set up. So easy to add and edit users. Task manager is a dream. All my team have it on their desktop and mobile devices.
Excellent software and don’t know how they provide it for the money.

You really must give it a go….